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    發布日期:2021-03-23 16:08:44 分類:萬國世界 閱讀量:(9018)

           The story, which began 150 years ago, opened a new chapter. In August, 2018, the newly established watch making center of 萬國 world watch was put into use. It covers an area of 13500 square meters, and its building structure is very advanced. It integrates the manufacture of the case and the core and the assembly of the core under the same roof, which helps the company further expand its own technology and prepare for the future of technological innovation.

           The new tabulation center is an important milestone of 萬國 World Watch: it is the first new building built by the company since its inception. The 萬國 world watch center has been expanded twice, one in 2005 and in 2008, and obviously the popular watchmaker needs more space.

           The new tabulation center started construction in February 2016, and took 2 years with the participation of 25 engineering design companies, 70 construction companies and 100 craftsmen, and was completed in March 2018. 萬國 world table is committed to sustainable development and regional support and works with local suppliers as much as possible.


           The new watch making center has about 400 skilled staff dedicated to the manufacture of 52000, 82000, and 59000 and 69000 series cores. The new tabulation center is relocated in accordance with the principle of step-by-step. In january2018, the manufacturing department of the case and small parts moved to the new house first, and two months later, the core assembly and production department moved into the new building.

           The new watch center is located in a rolling green space 8 km north of the world watch headquarters of shafhausen 萬國, with open area and spacious and bright rooms, with natural light as far as possible. Solid wood panel and LED lighting provide a quiet environment for employees and visitors, while interior decoration reflects the design of 萬國 world watch, known for its eternal style and practical functions.

           The open space of the watch making center originates from the original intention of the brand: how to show the visitors the technology, innovation and technology of 萬國 world watch.

           The open space of the watch making center originates from the original intention of the brand: how to show the visitors the technology, innovation and technology of 萬國 world watch. The answer is to integrate the visitor experience into the building, providing a new adventure for those who come to shafhausen from all over the world to understand the process of making watches. Multimedia systems, videos and displays will invite visitors to explore the story of 萬國 world watch in depth. With the help of experienced staff, visitors even have the opportunity to finish the processing of parts.

           The new tabulation center is not only beautiful in architecture, but also logical in nature. The tabulation center adopts a linear layout consistent with the production sequence. The birth of the watch starts at one end of the building, where raw materials are processed, then moved along the building structure, and finally finished with the wrist watch machine core. This is a disruptive change because the parts of the previous production process were scattered in different places.

           The new watch making center combines centuries of experience in making watches, adopts advanced production methods and innovative technologies, not only ensures that watches keep proud of superior quality, but also ensures that products made by shafhausen still enjoy strong competitive advantages in the international market. The huge investment of 萬國 world watch also shows the brand's commitment to the town of shafhausen ("source of the name of the shafhausen 萬國 world watch") and residents.

           A tour


           The 萬國 watch of Schaffhausen has paid close attention to the development of New Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in 2019 and has taken appropriate measures to guard against it. The top priority of our work is to ensure the health and safety of all employees and customers. The Swiss Federal Commission has now declared Switzerland in a special state, with preventive measures in its headquarters in shafhausen and at various watch making plants. At present, the museum and the watch making factory visit has been suspended, and the opening time is to be notified separately.

           The exciting "cloud Tour" tour allows fans around the world to explore 萬國 world watch headquarters at home. As a famous Swiss watchmaker with a long history, 萬國 world watch now makes full use of innovative technology cyberloupe to provide "cloud Tour" for watch fans. From the brand museum to the tabulation center, even the work site of the watchmaker, the customized route is delivered through Schaffhausen.

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