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    Maintenance services



    Maintain and repair your watch


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           Maintenance and service

           More than 200 watchmakers and service technicians in 25 countries around the world are specially responsible for the maintenance and repair of watches produced in various periods since the establishment of 萬國 universal watch in 1868. To ensure that no detail is left out, 萬國 world watch keeps a detailed record of every watch manufactured since 1885.

           Spare parts warehouse is located at the core of the maintenance department. There are millions of parts stored in different kinds of goblins. At 萬國, all original parts are well stocked for future generations. Depending on the way the watch is used and the environment in which it operates, the interval between each service may be quite different.

           The watch after maintenance will be subject to a final detailed inspection for five days"

           Full service

           The full service includes removing the movement piece by piece and cleaning the individual parts. Experts carefully inspect each part of the movement and repair or replace any worn or defective parts. After that, the watchmaker reassembled the watch from scratch and oiled and lubricated it where needed.


           Finally, the travel time accuracy of the watch will be tested, and the movement will be readjusted. The case was also completely disassembled. The scratches are repaired, the case and strap parts are finely ground or polished, the corners are modified, and then thoroughly cleaned. The watch will be subjected to a final intensive test for several days before it is returned to the wearer. Through these meticulous processes, 萬國 Wanguo watch ensures that the watch will operate accurately in the next few years and maintain its waterproof performance.

           Any watch owner can make its 萬國 universal watch have a longer effective service life. You can visit our website( 萬國.com )As well as "萬國 table services" manual to understand the relevant tips and suggestions. The service manual can be obtained from 萬國 international watch store, 萬國 International Watch Service Center and our authorized dealers.

           萬國 world watch certificate

           The story of every 萬國 watch begins in the watchmaking workshop. Our enthusiastic watchmakers try their best to perfect every detail. In order to ensure that the records of each watch are not lost, 萬國 world watch has registered every watch that has been manufactured since 1885. All information, including sales date, movement, material used, and case model or model number, is recorded. The heirs and subsequent buyers of the watch can obtain accurate information about their 萬國 world watch for a small fee to prove its authenticity. This and other information is provided in the form of a certificate.

           In order to obtain the certificate, the watch must be delivered to the 萬國 international watch store or an authorized dealer. In our workshop in shafhausen, experienced watchmakers will carry out detailed and thorough inspection of 萬國 universal timepieces.

           We are sorry that we are unable to provide the market value of the collection of a particular style of watch, because it depends on many factors, such as supply and demand, movement and brand new level of the watch.


           In the worst case, if your 萬國 world watch is lost or stolen, we recommend that you report to the police in writing and inform the 萬國 world watch. For recent watches, we will register the case number or model number of the watch in a special registration system to ensure that the watch will be identified as long as it is delivered to the 萬國 universal Watch Service Center. This registration process has helped many lost watches return to their owners.

           The heirs and subsequent buyers of the watch can obtain accurate information about their 萬國 world watch for a small fee to prove its authenticity.

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